Professor Kim Seow's decade of hard work to foster clinical and research collaborations between Queensland Health and UQ has led to the recent establishment of a Centre for Paediatric Dentistry Research and Training (CPDRT). The Centre, directed by Prof Seow will provide a hub for excellence in paediatric dentistry research, training and clinical service for the state of Queensland. The centre’s research includes project work undertaken by QH staff, UQ undergraduate students, and UQ higher degree students enrolled in masters and doctorate level programs.

Current research of the centre focuses on dental caries in children which is a significant problem in many parts of Queensland. Major longitudinal projects include studies on the identification of caries risk indicators in young children and intervention strategies for early childhood caries. These clinical investigations have been extended to include clinical studies in twins and on the role of Streptococcus mutans and other dental biofilm bacteria in caries development using real-time PCR. New approaches for caries management such as novel medicaments for pulp therapy for children are also being trialed.

The Centre is one of the three research programs at the School of Dentistry which have recently received major core funding from the Federal government’s CRC grant. Other funding sources include Queensland Health, Dental Board of Queensland and the Australian Dental Research Foundation.

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