The School has multiple clinics and laboratories among its leading facilities.
The School has multiple clinics and laboratories among its leading facilities.


(i) Turbot Street consists of:

  • The Hospital Building (Also houses the Brisbane Dental Hospital on the 1st Floor)
  • The Clinical Building
  • The Pre-clinical Building

The Undergraduate area is situated close to the library and Learning Centre with computers available during opening hours. Students also have access to food preparation equipment and an outdoor area with BBQ, and plenty of shade. The Postgraduate area offers an exclusive computer room and adjacent common room with food preparation facilities.

The School is a short walk to apartment accommodation, parklands, CBD shopping, financial institutions, hotels and restaurants.

(ii) Oral Health Education Unit - Yeronga.




The School has a number of research laboratories:

At Turbot Street:

  • Biomaterials Lab (Hospital Building)
  • Orthodontics Lab (Clinical Building)

At UQ Centre for Clinical Research (UQCCR):

  • PC2 Lab (level 6)
  • Patient Clinic (level 3)

At Prince Charles Hospital:

  • School of Medicine PC2 Lab (Clinical Sciences Building)



Current Facilities

The number of dental units in various locations within the School of Dentistry:

14 Clinic 1
18 Clinic 2
2 Clinic 3
1 Clinic 4
2 Clinic 4 Minor surgery/casualty area
4 Clinic 4 Extractions area
14 Clinic 5
14 Clinic 6
28 Clinic 7

Clinics 1, 2, 5, 6 and 7 all have separate suites in addition to more open areas, which are used more frequently for postgraduate students and consultative clinics. As part of the clinical refurbishment, the sterilizing areas in the clinics have been equipped with high-temperature thermal disinfectors (Miele) and computerized assisted air autoclaves (Siemens Validator) and pre-vacuum autoclaves (Adec Lisa and Sirona Siroclave). Three separate high-capacity dry suction systems have been installed to service the clinics, and major upgrades have been completed to water treatment, electrical distribution, air-conditioning, and compressed air services in both the Hospital and Clinical Buildings.

The main X-ray facility (located in the Clinical Building) is equipped with 2 intra-oral units, an intra-oral unit set up for practice/simulations, a film-based extra-oral unit (for OPG/cephalometric views), and a digital extra-oral unit (for OPG/cephalometric views). In addition to the this central facility, X-ray units (Siemens) are found in Clinics 1-3 and in Clinic 7.

Other major items of equipment within the School include:

  • CAD-CAM system (Sirona CEREC 3D)
  • Digital intra-oral X-ray systems (Sirona Sidexis)
  • Class 4 dental lasers (KaVo KEY3; Biolase Waterlase; Deka Smartlite KTP, Deka CO2, Luxar CO2, ADL Nd:YAG)

The School of Dentistry has an extensive information technology (IT) infrastructure, including two high speed (gigabit) intra-nets which cover staff offices, clinics, reception areas, and laboratories at both Turbot Street and Oral Biology.




Teaching laboratories in the School comprise:

Lab 1 (Pre-clinical Building)
Lab 2 (Clinical Building)
Lab 3 (Hospital Building)

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