Be a part of learning and discovery
Be a part of learning and discovery

Make a difference
The University of Queensland School of Dentistry is a world leader in oral health education and research. We are committed to developing the next generation of leading dental professionals, whose work will solve the challenges of dental disease and improve the quality of life for countless patients. By supporting our School you can change lives now and in the future.

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Contributions of all sizes will help our programs grow and you can choose how you would like your gift to be directed. Our Advancement Managers can discuss with you any of the opportunities outlined below and advise you how to make the most impact with your gift.

Cash donations are a simple and effective way to make an immediate difference. Donations can be made by sending a cheque, via electronic funds transfer, online or over the phone. Click to DONATE NOW
Fund a scholarship
Some of our best students are restricted by financial hardship. By funding a scholarship and enabling students to realise their potential you are supporting tomorrow’s heroes. Our Advancement Managers are happy to discuss naming your scholarship or award, and the most effective ways to ensure a lasting legacy, such as:

• PhD Scholarships – Support students who are studying for a Research Higher Degree, developing the research skills needed for future independent research and discovery.
• Student Equity Scholarships – Offer students from disadvantaged backgrounds, isolated or rural communities the opportunity to access a world class university education.
• Scholarships for Indigenous Students – Help address the under-representation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in the dental profession by increasing the number with professional qualifications. 

 By funding a scholarship you can also inspire others in the wider community, who may have never considered a university education due to financial constraints, to pursue a career in oral health care. 

Endowments allow you to support the School in your own way. Endowments can be established to run for a set period of time or in perpetuity and can be established at any time or there can be a deferred benefaction through a bequest.

Bequests are a gift detailed in an individual’s Will, and offer a powerful legacy. It may include the residuary or a percentage of an estate, a specific sum of money or an asset such as a property, work of art or share portfolio. Your bequest can fund a specific purpose, such as an academic post, research, or a student award. Alternatively you can endow your bequest, or give the University permission to use your gift in a way that will bring most benefit at the time. If you plan to make a bequest, we welcome the opportunity to discuss with you a named commemoration in a professorial chair, scholarship, laboratory or other initiative. You may also wish to consider naming a family member or loved one as a lasting memorial. 

We respect that your decision to make a bequest is a reflection of your personal values and experiences. Our Advancement Managers will work with you or your legal advisor to ensure all your wishes are met; however we are unable to offer direct legal or financial advice or estate planning. Making a Will is a very personal matter and we strongly recommend that you consult your legal advisor before drafting a new Will or updating an existing one.

Be part of a success story
We invite you to join the University’s community of philanthropists. The School gratefully acknowledges the generosity of our donors; however we also respect any decision to make a confidential contribution.
Registering your intention to make a contribution allows us to keep you informed of developments in your area of interest.

For more information on giving to the School of Dentistry please contact our Advancement Manager:

Cass Conwell
Advancement Manager
p: +61 (7) 3346 3040


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